Joining our Masonic Lodge

Where all good men are made to feel welcome

About Joining our Masonic Lodge in Chertsey.

Abbey Lodge No: 2120 welcomes men from all walks of life.

Becoming a Freemason is a fairly straight forward process. You simply have to ask or enquire via this website.

The first step:

Once you have read through our website and visited the other related sites we mention you have to decide if Freemasonry is right for you.

It does require commitment. You are asked to attend four meetings per year and attend our Lodge of Instruction where you will learn about Freemasonry and the various degrees you can obtain.

There is no pressure from us – you dedicate the time you can in line with family and work commitments.

All new candidates start as an Entered Apprentices and you work you way to Master Mason.

In the first instance please get in touch by completing the online form. A member of the lodge will contact you for a chat and arrange a time to meet with you. We will happily answer any questions you might have.

We would want you to meet with as many lodge members as possible to make sure we are right for you and vice-versa.

In making a decision to join you will have to be a man of good character and have a belief in a supreme being.

The next step:

Once we have got to know you, (whether that is at our lodge, at a local pub or at one of our family social functions), you will be invited to join.

A date will be set where you will kept informed along the way so you know what is expected.

Of course there are annual subscriptions and for each meeting we have dining fees and you are encouraged to contribute to charity. The amount we are not concerned with, as this should be within your means.

The journey:

Freemasonry is a ‘progressive science.’ Through the three degrees you will be taught how we apply Masonic meaning and symbolism to our everyday lives.

The essence of this journey is make good men better men. Useful to their family, work and community.

You will have heard the phrase “you get out of it what you put in.” Nothing could be more true of Freemasonry!

The social side:

Freemasonry is designed to create strong friendships both in, and out of the lodge. Not just for its members but for the whole family. We have a number of social events where you can invite your family and potential members.

Call: 01784 435220

Call us today. A member of the lodge will get in touch with you.

Four meetings per year

Abbey Lodge has four Masonic meetings per year on the 3rd Wednesday of January, April, September and November

Our Location

Abbey Lodge, Surrey Masonic Lodge, Masonic Hall Rd, Chertsey, KT16 9DH