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Here we list some of the most common questions we are asked. Do get in touch if you need to ask us anything about joining our Masonic lodge.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry means different things to each of those who join. For some, it’s about making new friends and acquaintances. For others it’s about being able to help deserving causes – making a contribution to family and for society. But for most, it is an enjoyable hobby.

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisation. It teaches self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies. Members are expected to be of high moral standing and are encouraged to speak openly about Freemasonry.

What happens at a lodge meeting?

The lodge meeting, which like those of other groups, are open only to lodge members, is normally in three parts. First, there are normal administrative procedures such as:

• Minutes of the previous meeting
• Proposing and balloting for new candidates

• Discussing and voting on the annual accounts
• Masonic news and correspondence from the lodge and the Provincial office
• News about charitable work and events taking place in Surrey

Second, there are the ceremonies for:

• Admitting new members
• Advancing members to the next degree
• The annual installation of the Master of the Lodge and his officers

Thirdly, dining:

• Once the meeting has finished the Brethren and their guest dine together

How much commitment is needed?

Like anything you would join, whether it’s the local rugby club, involvement in fund raising or running a Marathon Freemasonry requires a level of commitment.

However, this is in line with your current commitments and should not be to the detriment of family and work commitments.

We have four meetings per year and during the Masonic season we regularly hold Lodge of Instruction (LOI) where lodge members get together to rehearse and practice for the next meeting.

We also have a healthy social calendar for you and your family to enjoy.

Are Freemasons expected to give preference to fellow members?

Definitely not. This would be unacceptable and could lead to action being taken against those involved. On joining the Freemasons, each new member states that he expects no material gain from his membership.

Why do Freemasons take oaths?

New lodge members make solemn promises concerning their behaviour both in the Lodge and in society.

Freemasons also promise to keep confidential the way they recognise each other when visiting another Lodge.

Masons also promise to support others in the community in time of need but only so far as it does not conflict with their family, work and public obligations.

What charities do you donate to?

Abbey Lodge is very proactive in its support for both Masonic and non-Masonic charities. Giving to worthy causes and less fortunate is at the heart of all that we do.

Can anyone become a Freemason?

Yes is the short answer. As long you have a belief in a Supreme Being, are of good character with no criminal convictions then you are welcome to apply.

How many Freemasons are there in Surrey?

Under the United Grand Lodge of England, there are over 200,000 Freemasons.

In Surrey there are around 6,000.

Worldwide, there are approximately six million Freemasons.

How much does it cost to be a Freemason?

There is an initiation fee when you join Abbey Lodge and annual subscription to cover its running costs.

Each Masonic meeting is normally followed by a dinner – or Festive Board as we know it, However, there is no requirement to attend the dinner if you have an engagement elsewhere. You will also be expected to wear a black suit, white shirt, and black, or other suitable, tie and in due course you will need to buy your own regalia. This can be purchased from a list of reputable regalia outlets online.

Note: It is not uncommon for lodge members to pass on regalia and it is always a privilege to wear it.

Before you join the fees will be discussed with you.

What do I need to do to apply?

If becoming a Freemason appeals to you get in touch by calling 01784 435220 or complete the online contact form here
A member of the lodge will get in touch for a short chat. The lodge members will also want to meet you (don’t worry we’re a friendly bunch!).

This is simply part of the early stages of your application working towards your day to join.

Abbey Lodge look forward to hearing from you!

Call: 01784 435220

Call us today. A member of the lodge will get in touch with you.

Four meetings per year

Abbey Lodge has four Masonic meetings per year on the 3rd Wednesday of January, April, September and November

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